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Recently Added Rock Art Titles
Till 2002 Australian Rock Art Calendar
2002 Calendar
Images in Stone
by David Muench
2002 Calendar
Rock Art of Australia
by Tom Till

December 2001
Rock-Art of the Southwest : A Visitor's Companion, Liz & Peter Welsh
Rock Art and Ruins for Beginners and Old Guys, Albert Scholl
A Hiker's Guide to Native California Places: Interpretive Trails, Reconstructed Villages,
Rock-Art Sites and the Indigenous Cultures They Invoke
, Nancy Salcedo

November 2001
Kokopelli: The Making of an Icon, Ekkehart Malotki
Rock Art and Ethics: A Dialogue, William Hyder, editor
Rock Art Papers, Volume 15, Ken Hedges, editor

October 2001
The Petroglyph Calendar: An Archaeoastronomy Adventure, Hubert Allen, Jr.
Rock Art of Clear Creek Canyon in Central Utah, Baker and Billat
San Luis Valley Rock Art, Ron Kessler

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