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Native American Rock Art: Messages from the Past, Yvette La Pierre (author) and Lois Sloan (illustrator)
1994, Thomasson-Grant & Lickle, cloth, dj
48 pages, 19 color photographs, 12 color illustrations, 10-1/2" x 8-1/2", juvenile literature
photographs by David Muench, Tom Till, Frank L. Mendonca, and Willard Clay.

They dance across he ceilings of caves, they dominate steep cliffs and stare hauntingly from smooth stone walls. Wide-eyed anthropomorphs, fierce thunderbirds, humpbacked flute players, and other mysterious shapes are carved or painted on rockas throughout North America. These images, known collectively as rock art, provide compelling clues to the culture, the myths, and the land of the first Americans.

In Native American Rock Art, author Yvette La Pierre deftly guides young readers on a fascinating journey into the world of the people who painted and engraved these pictographs and petroglyphs - picture symbols that serve as important records of their visions, legends, and histories. How did the artist choose individual sites? What did they use for paints and for etching implements? How did they decide whether to carve a particular rock or to paint it? Native American Rock Art answers these questions and more, including how archaeologists date rock art and how these valuable images are rapidly being lost to natural and manmade forces.

Lois Sloan's original illustrations bring the artists, their symbols, and the scientists who study them to life. Carefully researched, her pen-and-ink drawings washed with watercolor echo the painstaking care of the art of the first inhabitants of this country. Stunning full color photographs of actual petroglyphs and pictographs round out the rich combination of elements that captures and preserves the legacy of this intiguing art form.

With a wealth of information including a list of publicly owned rock art sites and a brief guide that will encourage children's careful exploration of them, Native American Rock Art is an absorbing introduction to these mysterious messages from the past.


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