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Images in Stone, photographs by David Muench & text by Polly Schaafsma
1995, BrownTrout Publishers, cloth, d/j
192 pages, 183 color plates, 12" x 12"
The rock art panels of North America, petroglyphs and pictographs chipped, chiseled, and painted onto boulders and rock walls, have for too long been treated as mere artifacts, their aesthetic power and beauty not completely appreciated by those who have never visited the sites. In pursuit of this often hidden photographic subject, David Muench has searched the American southwest. His purpose is to convey the excitement of these ancient images in stone. The superb reproductions convey this art in the manner of a fine Museum portfolio. Anthropologist Polly Schaafsma's introduction and text provide background on the people who created the art and the world they inhabited. This comprehensive survey of the rock art of America's ancient civilizations staggers the beholder in its beauty and absorbing interest. The text is divided into sections presenting the rock art from various regions in western North America. The regions represented include the Great Basin of Eastern California and Nevada (the Coso Range, the Chalfant site, Parowan Gap, the Warner Range in Oregon, and Grimes Point near Fallon) and Mohave Desert of southern California (Cima Dome), the Green River (Dinwoody Style in the Wind River Range, Dinosaur National Monument, Nine Mile Canyon, Barrier Canyon, and the San Rafael Swell), the Colorado River (Newspaper Rock, the "Four Faces", the "Thirteen Faces", Mill Creek Canyon, the "Five Faces", Atlatl Rock, the "All American Man", and Indian Creek Canyon), the Little Colorado River (Zuni kachina masks, Petrified Forest, and Wupatki), the San Juan River (Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelley, Grand Gulch, Cedar Mesa, Chaco Canyon, and Chinle Wash), the Gila River, the Rio Grande (lower Pecos River including the Panther Cave site, Chimney Rocks, Hueco Tanks, Petroglyph National Monument, Abo, and Galisteo Basin), the Columbia River (Ginkgo State Park, Tsagaglalal, and Hells Canyon), the Chumash and Anza Borrego (the San Emigdio region, the Mutau, Painted Cave, and the Santa Susanas), and finally, Baja California (Cueva Pintada, Cueva Flechas, Cueva Serpiente, Catavina, and El Batequi).
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