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Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau, James Keyser
1992, University of Washington Press, paper
139 pages, 22 b/w photos, 69 figures, 7" x 10"

An introductory book for the avocationist or the scholar, to the rock art styles of the Columbia River Plateau. Geographically, this region extends from the Cascade Mts. of Washington to western Montana, and from northern Oregon and central Idaho well up into British Columbia in Canada. The author, who is a Regional Archaeologist for the U.S. Forest Service in this area, visited his 1st rock art site at nine years of age. This book reflects his lifelong fascination with rock art. The text divides the Plateau into stylistic subregions, relating each to the Indian cultures who produced them. There are numerous pen-and-ink illustrations, several maps and tables which the author uses to compare the various rock art styles of the region. Chapters cover such topics as the ubiquitous Twins motif, the Tsaglalal petroglyph, the Rayed Arc motif, rock art and the Vision Quest, the Horse and its impact on native lifeways, and rock art sites developed for public visitation.
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