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Rock Art Books by Title

Art of the Shaman, D. Whitley
Anasazi and Pueblo Painting, J.J. Brody
Art on the Rocks, Sierra Press
California Indian Shamanism, Lowell Bean, editor
Canyon de Chelley, Campbell Grant
Canyon Country Rock Art, F.A. Barnes
The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art, Paul Bahn
The Cave Beneath the Sea: Paleolithic Images at Cosquer, Jean Clottes & Jean Courtin
The Cave Paintings of Baja California, Harry Crosby
Crystals in the Sky, Travis Hudson & Ernest Underhay
Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave, Chauvet et al
Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of Greater Southwest, Alex Patterson
Following the Shaman's Path, David Whitley
The Forgotten Artist: Indians of the Anza-Borrego and Their Art, Manfred Knaack
Gabriola: Petroglyph Island, Mary & Ted Bentley
Hawaiian Petroglyphs, Cox & Edward Stasack
Images of the Ice Age, Paul Bahn
Images in Stone, David Muench & Polly Schaafsma
Indian Rock Art of the Southwest, Polly Schaafsma
Journey Through the Ice Age, Bahn & Vertut
Kokopelli, Slifer & Duffield
Legacy on Stone, Sally Cole
Native American Rock Art, Yvette La Pierre
Painted Dreams, Thor Conway
The Painted Rocks, Ruth Alter & Sandra Shaw
Petroglyph National Monument, Susan Lamb
Petroglyphs: Ancient Language/Sacred Art, Sabra Moore
Petroglyphs of Hawaii, L.R. McBride
Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Utah (Volume 1), Kenneth Castleton
Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Utah (Volume 2), Kenneth Castleton
Petroglyphs and Pueblo Myths of the Rio Grande, Carol Patterson-Rudolph
Petroglyphs of Southeast Colorado and the Oklahoma Panhandle, McGlone et al
Picture Writing of the American Indian, Garrick Mallery, (Volume1)
Picture Writing of the American Indian, Garrick Mallery, (Volume2)
Prehistoric Native American Art of Mud Glyph Cave, Charles Faulkner
The Riches of Ancient Australia, Josephine Flood
Reading Rock Art, Grace Rajnovich Rochester Creek Petroglyph Site, Bailey & Associates
Rock Art of the American Southwest, Fred Hirschmann & Scott Thybony
The Rock Art of Black Canyon, Wilson Turner
The Rock Art of Easter Island, Georgia Lee
Rock Art of Kentucky, Fred Coy, Jr., et al
Rock-Art of the Southwest: A Visitor's Companion, Liz & Peter Welsh
The Rock Art of Texas Indians, Forrest Kirkland and W.W. Newcomb, Jr.
The Rock Art of Utah, Polly Schaafsma
Rock Drawings of the Coso Range, Campbell Grant, James Baird & Kenneth Pringle
Rock Paintings at Hueco Tanks State Historical Park, Kay Sutherland
Sacred Images: A Vision of Native American Rock Art, Kelen & Sucec et al
Sentinals on Stone, Lilienthal & Hoard
The Serpent and the Sacred Fire, Dennis Slifer
Signs of Life, Dennis Slifer
Spirits on Stone, Thor & July Conway
The Spirit Walls of Nine Mile Canyon, Echo Productions
Stone Magic of the Ancients: Petroglyphs, Shamanic Shrine Sites, Ancient Rituals, James Cunkle & Markus Jacquemain
Stories in Stone, Caroline Arnold
Terra Incognita, Salvatore Mancini & Polly Schaafsma
On the Trail of Spider Woman, Carol Patterson-Rudolph
They Write Their Dreams on the Rock Forever, Annie York et al
Warrior, Star, and Shield, Polly Schaafsma et al

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