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The Hunter's Vision: The Prehistoric Rock Art of Zimbabwe, Peter Garlake
1995, University of Washington Press, cloth, d/j
176 pages, 36 color plates, 185 line drawings, 7-3/4" x 10"

The author is a well known authority on the rock art of Zimbabwe. He presents a detailed corpus of drawings, color photographs and text on the rock paintings to be found in the north-east and south-west regions of this country. Much of the imagry is interpreted in light of what we now know about San rock art based upon the work of J.D. Lewis-Williams & T. Dowson. Garlake reviews the work and ideas of previous investigators, then spends most of the book discussing the design elements and panel scenes utilizing the religious world view of the San. Chapter titles include: The Human Image as Archetype, Dancing and Trancing, The Imagry of Potency, Gods and Spirits, Animals in San Beliefs and Art, Emblems, and Relationships Between the Paintings. A well designed, well constructed, and well written book with copious illustrations.
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