[Magic on the Rocks: Canoe Country Pictographs]
Magic on the Rocks: Canoe Country Pictographs, Michael Furtman
2000, Birch Portage Press, paper
182 pages, xx maps, xx figures, index, 9" x 6"

Scattered across the Boundary Waters and Quetico, left by its native people on canvases of stone, are hundreds of enigmatic paintings.

Generations of canoe country travelers have wondered what these mysterious drawings might mean. Now, in this book, award-winning author Michael Furtman presents a comprehensive guide to the canoe country’s known pictographs and provides insight into the artists’ visions and the traditions that spawned them.

Complete with maps and directions to dozens of sites, and the most accurate reproductions of pictographs to date, Magic on the Rocks is an indispensable tool for those who would respectfully visit the sacred sites of a wise and ancient culture.

Michael Furtman is a writer and photographer who often takes as his subject matter the Minnesota wilderness. He is an active member of the Izaak Walton League and frequently works with the US Forest Service. He has written many other books, among them A Boundary Waters Fishing Guide (1984) and A Season For Wilderness (1989), as well as articles for Field and Stream, Sports Afield, Canoe, Wildfowl, Fly-Fisherman, and many other national and regional publications. A life-long resident of Duluth, Furtman lives with his wife, Mary Jo, and Labrador, Rascal.

    Table of Contents
  1. In Search of Magic
  2. Pictograph Origins
  3. The People of the Shield
  4. Pictographs of Northern Quetico
  5. Pictographs of Eastern Quetico
  6. Pictographs of Central Quetico
  7. Pictographs of Western Quetico
  8. Pictographs of the Boundary Waters
  9. A Story

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