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The Cave Paintings of Baja California: Discovering the Great Murals of an Unknown People, Harry W. Crosby
1997, revised edition, Sunbelt Publications, cloth, dj
246 pages, 67 color and 16 b/w photographs, 21 figures, 14 maps, biblio, index, 7" x 9-3/4"

From the book: The Cave Paintings of Baja California by Harry W. Crosby is a dramatic personal account of discovering and visiting the remote caves and overhangs in Baja California that have sheltered and preserved a veritable treasury of large prehistoric paintings. These Great Murals, created by an unknown people, are not only major cultural artifacts from Baja California's past but also probably the most distinctive trove of rock art in North America.

The scale of the paintings and their sensitive renderings of animals and people are unmatched in the New World. Parallels are often drawn between these and the Paleolithic cave paintings of Europe.

In the 1970s, teacher and photographer Harry Crosby undertook a systematic search for the largely unknown works hidden in the mountains of Central Baja California. In this quest he was guided by local ranchers and traveled more than a thousand miles of trails while documenting the murals.

Crosby found and photographed over 200 previously unreported rock shelters painted in the Great Mural style -- he has seen more of this art than anyone alive. In this volume, Crosby presents his photographs, chronicles his historic discoveries, and offers his unique perspective on the painted sites; he compares and contrasts painting styles (from realistic to abstract) found in different parts of the Great Mural area.

Every year, more and more professional researchers, rock art aficionados, and curious tourists visit the caves and rock shelters of Baja California. To them, and to all interested people, The Cave Paintings of Baja California by Harry W. Crosby will be an invaluable reference work and field guide to the magnificient prehistoric art that survives on this rugged peninsula.

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