[book cover]
Painted Dreams, Thor Conway
1993, Northwood Press, Minocqua, Wisconsin, cloth, d/j
157 pages, 109 color photos, 8-1/2" x 11"

This title is an up-to-date introductory text on rock art written for the general public. All the usual questions are asked and answered. How is rock art made? How old is it? What does it mean? But this book also goes beyond these overworked topics to explain the current thoughts and views concerning the meaning of rock art. The author draws upon his own personal experiences and knowledge of the sacred landscape, as learned from Fred Pine, an Ojibwa medicine man. The sacred landscape of California's Chumash Indians, the Columbia Plateau, and the American Southwest provide numerous examples of rock art to illustrate the shamanic beliefs and world views contained within North American rock art.
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