Piedra Pintada Books

Color Photo Pictorial Books

The Art of the Shaman: Rock Art of California, David Whitley
The Cave Paintings of Baja California, Harry Crosby
The Cave Beneath the Sea: Paleolithic Images at Cosquer, Jean Clottes & Jean Courtin
Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave, Chauvet et al
The Forgotten Artist: Indians of the Anza-Borrego and Their Art, Manfred Knaack
Images in Stone, David Muench & Polly Schaafsma
Painted Dreams, Thor Conway
Pecos River Rock Art, Jim Zintgraff & Solveig Turpin
Rock Art of the American Southwest, Fred Hirschmann & Scott Thybony
Sacred Images: A Vision of Native American Rock Art, Kelen & Sucec et al
Secret of the Desert: The Rock Art of Messak Sattafet and Messak Mellet, Libya, Rudiger and Gabriele Lutz
Tapamveni, Pat McCreery & Ekkehart Malotki
Tapamveni, Pat McCreery & Ekkehart Malotki (Revised edition)
Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush, Ekkehart Malotki & Donald Weaver

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