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A Field Guide to Aboriginal Engravings: with Special Reference to Those Around Sydney, Peter Stanbury and John Clegg
1990, Sydney University Press & Oxford University Press, paper
163 pages, 16 color plates, 79 b/w photos, 5-1/4" x 8-1/2"

A compact introduction to the thousands of petroglyph sites found in the vicinity of the city of Sydney, Australia. Intended for the general public, and designed to be carried in one's backback while out hiking, this guide explains the cultural and historical significance of Aboriginal engravings, how they were made and used, and most importantly, how to appreciate and treat them (respectfully). Twenty-three selected sites are described in detail. Each is provided with directions and information on location, site size, number of engravings, quality, and references. Sketch maps and line drawings accompany many of the site descriptions.
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