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Rochester Creek Petroglyph Site: Where Light, Shadows, and Images Interact, Charles R. and Chuck Bailey, narrated by Jesse Warner and Chuck Bailey
1999, Bailey & Associates, and UMRARA, color, VHS, xx minutes

The Rochester Creek Petroglyph Site in southeast Utah is a unique place where some of the first moving pictures made in America are to be found. Jesse Warner - one of the founding members of the Utah Rock Art Research Association - leads us through some of the many facets of this site, which has given its name to a separate style of rock art.

This video attempts to illustrate the way that sunlight and shadow play on the images - at several times during the year - animating the rock art panels to portray what could be an ancient story of fertility and creation. Dating and use of the site as well as interaction between inages are explained.

The site points to the existence 2000 years ago, of a society which had high artistic skills and an elaborate mythology based, in part at least, on the movement of the sun. Its preservation and recording are considered critical to understanding who these ancient people were, and where they came from, and where they went.

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